project 17: bohemian bikini (top)

She wore an…. itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, little crocheted bikini… I’m digging all the crocheted “festival-wear” (a.k.a. bring back the 70s) happening right now. It’s a little fun (and pretty satisfying) to find something I like and say, “Hey, I might be able to make that!” and then a couple weeks later have something inContinue reading “project 17: bohemian bikini (top)”

project 16: farmer’s market bag

The BYOB (bring your own bag) trend has been around for a long time now, and I’m hoping it’s here to stay. It definitely seems that way at least here in the city. A few years ago, city council passed a law taxing all bags (including paper) that you receive from a merchant, anywhere fromContinue reading “project 16: farmer’s market bag”

project 13: cast iron handles (and a free recipe!)

Hello all and happy Thursday! This week I wanted to showcase two things that have been almost a daily staple for my life this Fall: cast iron and broccolini. In recent months we’ve obtained a few cast iron skillets as a gift from my grandmother, and now don’t know how we lived without them. OurContinue reading “project 13: cast iron handles (and a free recipe!)”