The Serene Seas Cowl

Did you know that the middle of the ocean can be as calm as a lake? This phenomenon took me by surprise last year when I sailed across the Pacific from LA to Hawaii with my husband and dad.

I had always imagined constant rolling waves, boats teetering on a precipice, and crashing down. But for a few days, these rolling waves were almost non-existent. We peered over the boat in the calm sea and gazed down as far as light would allow us of the 18,000 feet below. The sun’s rays dipped in the water, bending at the surface towards one another infinitely. From this moment, the Serene Seas Cowl was born. By employing cabled slipped stitches, the cowl captures the geometric beauty of light rays refracting on the ocean’s surface.

Using this story and design as inspiration, Eva of Seismic Yarn and Dyeworks, a San Francisco native, developed this beautiful tonal colorway, “Stow Lake”, truly capturing the essence of what this cowl represents: a calm reflection on serene seas. You can purchase this color here.

I also wanted to create something for all genders that is sophisticated and finished. This pattern is for those who want to be conscious about their wardrobe and choose things that make them feel beautiful and unique. A key layering piece, this cowl is easy to throw in your bag and slip on when there’s a nip in the air. Mild winter weather, foggy fall mornings, summer star-gazing, or a quick trip to the store in spring rain, and the Serene Seas Cowl can quickly become a wardrobe staple. I personally like to have a little pop of primary color in each outfit and I find that this cowl so easily adds interest to my look.

This is one of those patterns that looks complicated, but once you get the basic rhythm down, it flies by. Most knitters finished this cowl in a week or less! The Serene Seas Cowl is great for new-ish knitters that are interested in learning some new skills such as basic cabling and finishing techniques. It is also unusual and quick enough to hold the attention of those knitters with more experience.

The hidden feature I love the most about this pattern is the facing-style border. The facing-style border not only prevents the edges from curling, it creates an almost reversible accessory, where the wrong side looks just as neat as the right side. This finished edge makes the cowl tailored and professional-looking, hiding raw edges and stitch changes.

The Serene Sea Cowl is knit bottom-up in the round and features:
• Cabled slip stitches that create the ray effect
• A facing-style border that makes the cowl look extra finished on the inside and outside of the piece

The pattern includes:
• Full-color photographs that show multiple angles to help you compare your work to the sample
• Clearly written instructions that have been tested and tech-edited
• A video tutorial of seaming the facing-style border – watch it here!

You can get this pattern (and two others!) in the West Coast Collaboration eBook! It´s available in my Ravelry story and Etsy shop.

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