Introducing the Bee-coming Cowl!

A year-long in the making, and perhaps in the imagination much longer, I´m happy to debut my first official pattern as a knitwear designer! Introducing the Bee-coming Cowl! (See what I did there? It´s a honeycomb pattern but also looks super ¨becoming¨ on? Haha, I crack myself up.) Anyway you can buy this pattern on RAVELRY or ETSY! The Bee-coming Cowl was inspired by bees, something I both fear and admire. It´s amazing that these tiny workers do so much for the continuity of humankind, and make more than one kind of tasty food while they´re at it. I wanted to create something that honored our little friends, and sport my favorite color at the same time. Nothing can beat sweet honey.

Let me tell you a little about this quick-knitted cowl.

It features:

* a beautiful honeycomb cable repeat
* slipped stitches
* traditional knits and purls

This pattern is great for advanced beginners and beyond. Newbies have an opportunity to practice basic cables and learn finishing techniques, while more advanced knitters can enjoy the meditative process of a repetitive knit. The pattern has an unconventional seam that I made a video for that you can watch right HERE!

The cowl is knit flat, so no need to get a specific size circular needle to make it. The pattern has also been tech-edited and test-knitted for accuracy!

I hope you take the plunge and make one too!

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