project 23: cottage socks

chunky cottage socks

I don’t know about you, but all these chunky yarnmade things on Pinterest are making me swoon. Maybe not the most practical at times, but they would definitely engulf you in warmth like I imagine jumping into clouds would feel like. (Only in my dreamland of course… clouds are actually super wet and cold… seems like false advertising to me). In the spirit of chunky yarn, I knit up these cottage socks. I made them for tall boots, but alas, they’re too thick. They graduated on to bigger and better things by keeping my legs warm when worn with shorts like the ones I made a few weeks ago. These are definitely go-to slippers when the day calls for (warm) shorts.

I followed the free pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. Click here and sign up to get the free pattern! These only took about a day, so if you know know anyone who has cold feet (not in a figurative sense), then these may be great for them! Happy crafting!

What would you like to learn how to make or do? Let me know in the comments!

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