project 22: flannel bedtime shorts

It’s getting cold outside, but it’s still a little too warm to wear long flannel, (flannel shorts, that’s your stage cue). Originally these were going to be long pants, but when I realized I didn’t have enough fabric (thrift store finds!), then they turned into these little shorts. The pattern is adapted from Tilly and the Buttons‘s book, Love at First Stitch. It was so fun to use up fabric I found at the thrift store and make it into something usable. Let’s go Slow Fashion October! šŸ™‚

Flannel shorts made with revised pattern from Tilly and the Buttonn's Love at first stitch

It’s time for flannel!


I just want to make a little shoutout for Tilly, because if you’ve ever wanted to sew, you really should check out her book (and her blog). She makes dressmaking fun, quirky, and super easy to understand. After a few years of not touching my sewing machine, it was refreshing to open up her book and relearn techniques I thought super difficult, and find they really aren’t so bad at all! (Let’s just say there were too many moments of “Oh so that’s how you do that!”) I had fun, and made something presentable in the end of all the fun. Isn’t that how we always want crafting to go? So win-win in my book!



Is anyone else participating in Slow Fashion this month? What have you made or are making? What should we make here? Let me know in the comments below!

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