project 20: DIY pom pom garland tutorial!

Have you guys all seen those cute pom pom garlands for sale on Pinterest/Etsy/everywhere? Well, I was stalking them a little bit… and… I decided to make one of my own.

Pom pom garlands: also volunteering to hold your photos for you.

Pom poms make everything (at least to me) more lighthearted and fun. It’s like candy that never goes rotten… and you can put it on anything you want (except food of course, that’s where the real candy goes). Pom poms and candy, two of my top favorite things, so I just put them on everything.

I know, I know, you want to make one too! (Right?! Right?!) Don’t you need this for your ____________ (dorm room, newborn nephew, Christmas tree, mantel, car, or some other noun of your choosing)? You do! So here’s a tutorial because we all need a little bit more whimsey in our lives.

Pom Pom Garland:

You will need

  • 100% wool roving (enough to make as many pom poms as you wish)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Crochet thread (#10)
  • Futte Futte (optional) – this is to make the pom poms by hand, to try a more traditional method, click here. (Or you can buy my handmade pom poms in my Etsy store!)


Step 1:

Take about 1 gram of wool roving (the Futte Futte uses less wool roving than the traditional method. This will create a pom pom that is about 1 inch [2.5 cm] in diameter). You may choose to make smaller or larger pom poms, just be sure that each felt ball begins with the same weight. Now cut this wool roving into small slices, about 1 cm- 2 cm wide. This will allow the wool to fluff up. Pull apart these pieces and fluff them.


Step 2:

Grab a bowl of warm soapy water. (The directions for the Futte Futte says hot, but I think that felts too quickly, before it’s able to become a ball shape.) Put the fluffed wool inside one side of the cage. Close the cage and place into the water for 2 seconds (to allow the wool to soak up a little of the moisture). Swish in the water in quick, small circles to create a ball shape. Shake it out a little in the sink using the same motion to help it form its shape. Place back into the water and repeat these two action until a ball forms, and no creases or holes are present.


Step 3:

Roll gently between your palms to perfect its round shape. Place on a paper towel to dry. Depending on how humid the environment, each ball may take up to 2 days to dry completely. They should feel light in weight when fully dry.



Step 4:

For a garland to drape an area of 5 feet, cut the crochet thread about 7 feet long. Fold one end at 6 inches. Tie a small overhand knot to form a 1 inch loop. This is the end of your garland. Tie the two loose ends together over and over on this knot until the knot reaches 1 inch. (This secures your original knot.)

Step 5:

Thread your string through your embroidery needle and pierce the exact middle of your pom pom. Thread as you would a bead on a necklace. Thread this first pom pom until the middle of the pom pom reaches 6 inches until the end. Tie an overhand knot on each side of the wool ball to secure it. Now thread your next pom pom until the middle of it is exactly 6 inches from the last one. Tie a knot on one side to secure. (These pom poms are light enough that they stay in place with only one knot. They may slide when in movement, but stationary, they don’t move). Continue this process until you have 1 foot of thread remaining.

Step 6: Finishing

Fold the last foot of thread in half and repeat step 4 with an overhand knot. Trim the leftover thread. String and enjoy!


Thanks for joining the pom pom revolution! (Let’s go from “Put a bird on it” to “Put a pom pom on it”, [also say that 3 times fast]). I would love to see what you all come up with!

What flair can’t you live without? Is it fringe? Sequins? What should we make next? Let us know in the comments below!

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