project 16: farmer’s market bag

The BYOB (bring your own bag) trend has been around for a long time now, and I’m hoping it’s here to stay. It definitely seems that way at least here in the city. A few years ago, city council passed a law taxing all bags (including paper) that you receive from a merchant, anywhere from local take-out place to a chain grocery store, in an attempt to promote reusable bags, and reduce waste.

I’m not sure if it’s had that effect, but it does make me kick myself a little when I (pretty much always) forget my bags at home… and confuses the poor, unsuspecting tourists.

The last of our reusable bags ripped the other day beyond repair, so it was the perfect moment to make this cute crocheted tote bag that I pinned last year. It’s a free pattern made by Delia at Delia Creates. It’s sturdy and soft, protecting your veggies from possible squishing! Taking only a few hours to create, you’ll have it in time for this weekend’s farmer’s market…. or maybe a trip to the beach?! Either way, I’m ready! Weekend here we come!



5 thoughts on “project 16: farmer’s market bag

    1. Hi there! I used Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick yarn and a really really big crochet hook that I’m not sure I have anymore (maybe size M/N?). The pattern is crocheted with two strands of yarn together. Thanks for asking! I hope it’s not too late!

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