all you need is love

This year has been a whirlwind, and guess what everyone? I got married to my best friend!! One day last fall, we decided to tie the knot, and 4 months, and 2 weddings later, we’re actual married people. Why two you ask? Well, my husband’s family hails from the great land of Argentina (where fate brought us together), and mine from the great Golden State, where we now live. I feel so thankful that we had the opportunity to celebrate with both families… even if separated. Next year we’re hoping to combine the festivities with a BBQ for all members to meet each other.

But for now….

Check out some of our favorite wedding photos from two great photographers! We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome… both very different styles, and both incredibly talented.

Venue: Tres Aguas – Saldan, Argentina

Photographer: Luciano Menardo

Venue: San Francisco City Hall – San Francisco, USA

Photographer: Carmen Salazar

Makeup: Christi Reynolds

See more of our pictures here, and here!

I want to also to make a shout out to all our wonderful family and friends (especially my mom [another great photographer herself], dad, grandfather, Papa, and grandmother, MeeMee) who got everything together in such a short time. They played such important roles in the planning and organization, making this day unforgettable.

Also, Gastón, thank you so much for your enduring and patient love… (and planning the entire Argentine wedding… you’ll always have kudos for that!) I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you! ❤

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