project 14: more mittens and new beginnings

For some reason, June always feels like a month of new beginnings for me. We’re right on the cusp of summer, my birthday just behind me. It might be from my school days, when summer meant new freedom, new  experiences, and new possibilities. June always inspires me to make new resolutions, and finish up old tasks like January never could.

Maybe it’s because sometimes it feels like January. Although it’s hardly the season for it in most places, San Francisco usually proves to be exception, sporting some blustery, wrap-up-in-a-blanket sort of days. Recently, and luckily, we’ve been spared some of that, but just in case Karl the Fog decides to show up, I’ve whipped up these mittens for my very (did I say very?) talented friend Clarissa. (Check her out at, and follow her Asian adventure on Instagram!)

She gifted me this yarn a few years ago, with me promising to conjure up some mittens. In the spirit of new beginnings, and finishing up old tasks, I’ve kept my word. (Better late than never!!) What are some wips in your stash you can ever seem to get around to finishing? Let me know in the comments!

Want to make some of the same? You can find the pattern in Speed Knitting, by Kris Percival. Check out the pattern on Ravelry!

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