project 4: whimsical fairy hat

fairy hat
fairy hat

Hello all and happy Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to appreciate all the mothers and mother-like figures in your life today! My mom and I spent a fun Mother’s Day celebration getting craft supplies and going to the movies. We’ve been enjoying the best spring weather here, however the wind is making everyone feel like they have the sniffles.

I’m trying to play catch up on this challenge of mine. Despite not writing, I have been making things, so I’ll be posting more than once a week until I get to the correct week. This week I’m debuting my little fairy hat. I tried to make it for myself, but the gauge was off and it now fits a small child (or more recently our basset hound Molly Bacon McButters).

Molly modeling the fairy cap.
Molly modeling the fairy cap.

I was inspired by an Etsy maker that no longer is in business unfortunately, so I attempted to make my own. It is essentially a long piece of fabric that mirrors itself and then seamed in the middle.


It was a fast and easy project and I hope to make more with the leftover yarn I have in my basket. Here’s a picture of what it looks like to the side:


When wore, it peaks at the top, making a super whimsical fairy hat. Thank you for reading and let me know if you would like to make this! What do you think I should make next?

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