project 2: parisian napkins


Hello there and happy April! We’re hoping these April showers will bring us some May flowers. Keep the rain coming! Hopefully we’ll be alleviated of some drought worries here soon.

To keep my mind off things, I decided to create a little something for my best friend’s birthday. She just bought a new house and still needs some things here and there. I love helping her set her things up. (Sometimes a little too much. I just get too excited.) She loves to entertain and was lacking some nice napkins to complete her table. Despite being very out of practice, I decided to have another go and embroider a set of six buffet napkins. I came across an old Stitch it Kit in my closet and found this Eiffel tower transfer pattern. All six napkins have the same design with the tower in dark brown and the firework in blue.

This project only took a few days to complete and it was so much fun to do. The kit is designed for beginners so it wasn’t too difficult, but next time I’ll be sure not to put the design so close to the edge. The napkin kept popping out of the ring and made it difficult to work quickly. I hope so make some more embroidered items in the near future!

Here’s what they look like finished up:


Thanks for reading. I look forward to any comments or questions you may have. Also, I post every Sunday so be sure to follow me if you’re interested! See you next week!

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